Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today was another great day up here at Camp Paivika. We started our day with pancakes for breakfast. Then it was on to activities for the day. In nature, everyone watched as the turtles raced. Sports and rec had a nice game of baseball on the lawn. In arts and crafts they made rings of fire for the talent show, cleverly made of hula hoops and orange shredded paper. Performing arts was fun as they played games and dressed up while telling jokes. Then for lunch we enjoyed pizza. Later that day the daily all camp swim took place cooling off our Paivikians. Moving on to dinner, everyone enjoyed some delicious hamburgers and fries. The day ended with our talent show. By the end of the program, everyone was on their feet cheering on their fellow campers. As the sun set over the horizon, we celebrated another fun filled day here at camp.

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