Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Session 3: Colleges

 Now we are at Session 3.
The counselors are excited to meet the campers.
Nine nights! This session will be an amazing week for us.

The Theme of this session is "Colleges" 
so the cabins have been decorated neatly with different symbols of  colleges.

The Camp Paivika store is provided for the campers who would like to shop.
There are many nice goods such as stuffed animals, camp sweatshirts, coffee cups, and water bottles etc.

Floating and swimming  in the warm pool is so awesome!

The campers were encouraged to sing, dance and perform a skit in Fine Arts. 

Greg, the Nature guy invited the campers to hike around Camp Paivika and learn about nature.

In Arts and Crafts, the campers decorated the Camp Paivika tree neatly with their imagination.

Playing games in Sports and Rec. is another fun activity.

Horseback riding is one of the most favorite activities for the campers.

The program staff prepare skits and a variety of activities for the campers 
such as opening camp fire, performing skits, casino night, dancing etc.

At the end of the day, we assure that everyone has a delicious dinner!!


4th of July

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Session 2 2012

This is Session 2. 
The staff are very enthusiastic to meet their campers.

In the Arts and Crafts program, Lauren prepares a variety of projects for the campers to show their talent.
Moreover, the campers also decorated the Camp Paivika tree by coloring and writing their names on the leaves.

In Fine Arts, Dean encouraged the campers to dress up, dance and play musical instruments.

Greg invited the campers to hike around Camp Paivika and learn about  nature.

Relaxing in the warm pool at Camp Paivika seems to be a good option. 
Paulo, the lifeguard always keeps an eye on everyone's safety.
 The counselors also assured that the campers had a good time.

Another fun activity that the campers like is Sports and Rec. 

The campers not only got to participate in horseback riding, but they also got to groom the horses.