Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Session 5 2012

Welcome to Session 5 
We started the first day of the session with beautiful smiles from everyone.

After check in with the unit directors and the nurses,
the campers decorated paper bags that will contain their Arts and Crafts and Nature projects.

This session the campers enjoyed fun activities such as 
swimming in the pool.

acting, performing skits and playing musical instruments in Fine Arts.

playing fun games with Joe in Sports and Rec.

making cool stuff with Lauren in Arts and Crafts

riding the horses with Kenny, Willy, Martine and Justin

and learning about nature with Greg. 

Your smile makes our day!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Session 4 2012

Welcome back to Session 4  at Camp Paivika.
This is our first children's session. The staff are very excited to meet the  little Paivikans.


First of all, the campers had to check in with our unit directors, Ashley and Justin.
After that the counselors helped the campers decorate bags 
that will contain their Arts and Crafts and Nature projects.

In the afternoon each day, we had an all-camp swim!
We all love to swim and play in the warm water.
The laughter and smiles of the campers made us all happy at Camp Paivika.

Horseback riding is another fun activity.

Joe set up many fun games for the kids such as 
basketball, hula-hoops, "red light- green light" games and tetherball.
In the recreation room we played ping pong and foosball.

Fine Arts was combined with Nature for the entire session. 
So Greg and Dean read stories about nature and animals to the campers.
Then campers were encouraged to draw pictures and act like the animals from the stories.

In Arts and Crafts, Lauren taught the campers how
to make mobiles and they added their leaves to the Camp Paivika tree. 

Your laugh lights up our day!!!!

The newspaper! of Session 4

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating it's 65th Year! Camp Paivika

Dear Camp Paivika Friend,
Please join us for a barbeque, games and great fun 
on July 28, 2012  from 12 pm-4 pm 
as we celebrate 65 years of fun and exceptional camp programs for children & adults with disabilities.
Please RSVP to Marianne Cruz at 909. 338. 1102 x5003
Visit our website for maps and direction at: