Saturday, May 8, 2010

Alumni Work Day BBQ

The alumni work crew - small but mighty - spent the morning helping get camp beautiful and ready for the upcomming summer!

A big thanks to the following Paivikans for all their help:

Justin Coughlin
Justine Miller
Alan Pham
Anthony Portillo
Viviana Miglia
Ginnina Eichorn
Nik Garcia
Lee Proper
Nolan Forrester
Katya Forrester
Lyndon Forrester
Noemi De La O
Brenda Starkins
DJ Wiley
Ryan Wimmer
Sydney Kunsek

Derby Day 2010!

Photo features "Team Blue Wheels", Kevin Ware along with his family, Kelly, and Sydney

This year Camp Paivika had 4 teams participate in the Derby Day events and so far we can raised $12,000!

Camper Kevin Ware and his sister Laura were the leaders of "Team Blue Wheels". Kevin is out first camper to participate and did an amazing job - raising $3465.00!

Camper Services Coordinator Brenda Starkins ran the full 26 mile LA Marathon and raised $500 for camp!

Volunteer walker Laura Good raised $1,210.00 for camp and was joined at Derby Day by her son James and niece and nephew.

The Kunsek family walked for their 4th year together as a family (this is the first year Sydney walked the full 3 miles without Kenny having to carry her!) and with the help of Paivika supporters raised $4,681.00!

We are so greatful for the great support and exceeding our goal of $5,000! We hope to recruite more campers and staff to join us next year for a great event and worthy cause!

Meet our newest staff!

Meet Carly!
She is a one year old miniature horse with dwarfism. She is a bit shy, but full of energy and we are so excited to have her join the Paivika family!