Sunday, June 30, 2013


We have been having a blast here at Camp Paivika as Session 2 is well under way! The sun has been shining, the birds singing, the smell of pine trees and a cool breeze all make for 
a wonderful mountain camp experience! Oh.. and snow cones for all the campers and staff! How fun! :)


Art and Crafts!

Nature Center!

Fine Arts!


Sports and Rec!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Session 2 Day 1

Session 2 2013!!
We are so excited to start Session 2 and are looking forward to another week of great camp times! Today is day one of camp and all the campers were checked in, their bags taken to their cabins and we were ready to start the fun!

 First things first, the campers started with decorating their bag that would contain their art and crafts through out their time at camp! This was a good time for us to meet our fellow Paivikan buddies!

 After we made our bags we headed out to play games on the lawn or down to the recreation room to hang out and settle in to camp!

Next we had lunch and rest time before we were off to do round robin through all the activities!