Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leo Carrillo Camping Trip 
September, 16th -19th 2012

This is an amazing time for camping at the beach!!
After summer camp, we set forth on a journey for 3 nights to Leo Carrillo, Malibu for our annual camping trip.

After we had arrived at Leo Carrillo State Beach, we set up our camp tents, 
explored camp grounds, tide pools and travelled the white sands of the beach. Kenny led us on a hike around the campsite while Kelly prepared the most delicious meal for dinner. The first night we had BBQ rips and corn. Once dinner was complete, we had fun toasting marshmallows over the blazing fire.
 Hmm Yummy!
We all slept like rocks among the clear blue skies and fresh salty air!!

Kelly and Kenny were the best chefs ever! 
Eggs,bacon, pancakes and sausage was served along with a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

In the morning each day, we all relaxed on the beach with our toes in the sand. 
Kenny led us on a hike near our campsite by the beach.
We found many interesting animals such as bunnies, birds, squirrels etc. 

At the beach, we had a friendly competition on who can build the best sandcastle.
We all had so much fun!

In the afternoon, the tide was low which made it easy to explore the amazing seashore!!
We collected seashells and sea glass for our craft project back at camp.

Each evening we all sat around the campfire and shared the best moments of the day.
Some nights, we performed  skits at the amphitheater.  
We all had a good time together and hope to enjoy the trip again next year.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Session 8 2012

Session Number 8
This is the last session of summer 2012 at Camp Paivika.
We all are looking forward to having an amazing memorable week together!
The theme of this session is "Vacation Getaways"
So let's check it out! Here are our highlights.

Arts and Crafts
The first day of each session, campers decorate their paper bags
 that will contain their Arts and Crafts and Nature projects.

Fine arts

The campers were encouraged to share their ideas of performing arts in Fine Arts
such as playing musical instruments, singing a song, performing skits and dancing 

In Nature, Greg invited the campers to play games like "Nature Bingo"
The campers enjoyed participating in the activity.

Sports and Rec.
The campers really enjoyed  bowling, pool, ping pong 
and jigsaw puzzles in the recreation room.
In addition, Martine and Joe set up out side adaptive sports for the campers such as 
basketball, archery  and tetherball.

Horseback Riding
The campers really enjoy horseback riding at Camp Paivika.
Willy, Martine and Greg led our lovely horse "Muretta" 
around Camp Paivika which the campers love.

We all had a good time staying cool in the pool during the hot day.
The campers love to float around and enjoy the beautiful day.
Some campers played games with their friends with gusto.

Lake Trip
This session we took a trip to the lake with the campers.

Session 8 Newspaper

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Session 7 2012

Camp Paivika Here We Come!

Session number 7 was held on August 9th - August 14th
The theme of this session was Holidays.
We were so excited to be together again for a fun week!

Viviana, our program-coordinator prepared 
many fun activities for the campers .

Arts & Crafts

Campers enjoyed the spin art project 
that Sarah set up in Art and Crafts!


Greg, the Nature guy invited the campers to play Nature Bingo.

Fine Arts

The campers had fun playing musical instruments in Fine Arts. 
In addition, Dean read a story about animals for the campers.

Sports & Rec.

Martine encouraged the campers 
to play games  in the recreation room.
The campers played with jigsaw puzzles, 
pool, foosball and ping pong with gusto!

This summer we have installed a new pool lift providing a safer
and fun way for the campers to get into the water.
Thank you
to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for
 the grant that made this upgrade possible!

The campers really enjoyed swimming in the pool!

Horseback riding!
It's very cool riding the horse around Camp Paivika with Willy and the counselors.

 Session 7 Newspaper