Friday, October 10, 2014

AbilityFirst Camp Paivika Summer Camp Programs

Summer is the time for fun!  At Camp Paivika, we know that having disabilities never gets in the way of both children and adults having fun at summer camp!  A typical day in the Camp Paivika Summer Program is full of exciting activities for everyone!

·         Fenced in, heated pool with 2 shallow ends and wheelchair ramp.
·         Supervised by American Red Cross Certified lifeguards.
·         Non-instructional program.
·         One-on-one, in-pool support is available for campers who need it.

Horseback Riding
·         Experienced gentle horses led and walked by trained staff.
·         Riders protected by helmets and safety belt and supported on either side by staff.
·         Inclusive program accommodates non-ambulatory campers requiring extra support.
·         Those who are unable or prefer not to ride can still safely pet, feed and groom horses in modified corral areas.

Adaptive Sports and Recreation
·         Designed to improve physical coordination and strength: archery, baseball, bowling, obstacle courses, broom hockey and Frisbee golf.
·         Designed to enhance concentration and promote socialization: Bingo, board games, card games.
·         Activities adapted for accessibility and for different age groups according to ability levels.

Creative Arts and Crafts
·         Tie-dye and beading projects, ceramics, painting and other traditional camp crafts.
·         Campers explore their artistic side and experience a sense of accomplishment with activities encouraging self-expression and hand-eye coordination.

Performing Arts
·         Creative movement, acting games and music making.
·         Staged musicals are performed in outdoor amphitheater with entire camp in attendance.
·         Grand finale of each session is the camp talent show where campers have the opportunity to share their talents on stage!

Nature Studies
·         Games and crafts incorporate elements of the beautiful surrounding mountain and forest environment.
·         Guided hikes on safe trails accessible for wheelchair users.
·         Explored themes of wildlife, trees and conservation give campers a deeper appreciation for nature.

Evening Program
·         Brings full camp together.
·         Activities include campfires, Game Show Night, carnivals, dances, karaoke, scavenger hunts for children, and casino nights for adults.

Other Activities
·         Trips to nearby Lake Gregory (adults only).
·         Overnight forest campouts under the stars (adults only).

Please check out our Camp Paivika website to see more about our summer programs, beautiful facilities, and caring staff!

Campers hiking on a path through the forest

Camp Paivika creates transformational life experiences for children and adults with disabilities and their families.

AbilityFirst stands for, and alongside, people with disabilities and their families.  We offer a broad range of programs and services to help children and adults with developmental disabilities reach their personal best.

Monday, September 15, 2014

AbilityFirst’s Camp Paivika: an exceptional special needs camp for people with disabilities.

Child with special needs in camp swimming pool

Going away to camp can provide some of the most memorable experiences for both children and adults.  Having disabilities shouldn't prevent anyone from creating these cherished memories.  That’s why Camp Paivika exists: it offers children, teens, and adults with disabilities a traditional camp experience delivered with nurturing support.

Camp Paivika offers a broad range of recreational and socialization programs for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.  Our programs allow campers to make friends, try new things and become more confident. Families are often surprised to find loved ones returning home with a new, can-do spirit, independently choosing clothes for the day, tying their shoes or brushing their teeth without assistance. And, of course, families appreciate the respite they can take from the rigors and challenges of providing 24/7 care.
The quality and variety of choices we offer is second to none.  AbilityFirst provides continuity of age-appropriate programs, appealing to diverse individual interests and needs - beginning in childhood and continuing throughout an adult’s life.
Please check out our Camp Paivika website to see more about our wonderful camp, which is located in Southern California’s beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, and has been operated by AbilityFirst since 1947.  We’ve helped thousands of children and adults with disabilities make friends, try new things and become more confident and independent. And, as campers enjoy their Paivika experience, families can rest assured knowing that their loved ones are safe, cared for and occupied with a full slate of fun.
AbilityFirst stands for, and alongside, people with disabilities and their families.  We offer a broad range of programs and services to help children and adults with developmental disabilities reach their personal best.
Camp Paivika – offering children, teens and adults with disabilities a traditional camp experience delivered with nurturing support.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 2 was full of excitement as the last dance of the summer was about to happen. The day went well with four full rounds of activities. In arts and crafts, campers painted their own tribal mask. Nature went on a nature hike. Sports and Rec had fun with races and obstacle courses, and the action in the pool was full of splishing and splashing. The dance began with high energy. As the night progressed, the music played on until the very end. Tonight was also camp out night, where campers were treated to the movie Monsters University, and then fell asleep out under the stars.
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The first day of session 7 began without a hitch. Our campers showed up excited and all smiles. Once our check in procedure was completed, our campers moved on to decorate their bags. After a lunch consisting of meatball subs and potato chips, they went off to the cabins to unpack and settle in. That afternoon, the fire drill commenced where campers learned all about camp safety. Activities began and they went on until dinner. That night at opening campfire, all of our paivikians were introduced and were also entertained by camp songs and skits. The night ended with a singing of Taps and off to bed everyone went, happy and exhausted.
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tonight at Paivika, we hosted our weekly talent show night. Almost all of our campers performed an act. Some dressed in costumes, some just wanted to be highlighted as they really are. Our acts included everything from dancing, to singing. Most chose to rock the mic, but some wowed the audience with their dancing skills. As each camper came out to the stage, they were met with an astounding wave of cheers and clapping. Our staff joined in on the fun during several acts as backup dancers and partners. Some of the songs that were performed included tracks from the movie Frozen, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Lincoln Park and Others. It was an amazing talent show.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Today at camp, we hosted “Campers Choice Night.” Campers were able to choose which activity they wanted to participate in. The choices were a game of Jeopardy/Family Feud or the jousting tournament. After only a few minutes into the activity, the competition was getting fierce. In the jousting tournament, the pool noodles were flying and the crowd was cheering loudly. As each competitor took their turn, the points were accumulating and the energy was amazing. During the game show, the teams were adding up the score as each camper kept adding points to their side with each correct answer. At the end of the night, both the jousting tournament and the game show were very close competitions.
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Today Camp Paivika had another wonderful day. Activities kicked off as usual. The horse program was in full swing, as well as the rest but the big excitement was all about the dance. As our paivikians showed up to the music playing, the energy began to rise. All of our campers were looking their best, and good times were had by all.
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