Thursday, April 9, 2015

Family Reunions

After spending the weekend celebrating the holiday with immediate family, we spent a little time discussing how nice it would be to be able to get all the extended family together in one place.  Family Reunions can be a fun and memorable way to reconnect with loved ones. There are plenty of families that look forward to these events each year with excitement. What truly can make the difference between success and failure is your choice of venue.   But where can you go that will not only fit all your extended family, but provide entertainment for all the generations?

Think about it for a moment.

Your cousin Steve has three “adorable” kids who want to show you how excited they are to see you by attaching wet lollipops to your arm hair. When you try to detach yourself from this sticky prison, they twist themselves around your legs like some new biotech gravity belt device (that actually sounds kind of cool). When you resort to your Tae Kwon Do training to free yourself, old Steve-O loses it and starts yelling at you AND the kids, proving to everyone why grandma wrote the lot of you out of her will years ago and left everything to her nine cats. Then Steve leaves in a huff, and nobody else will talk to you for the rest of the weekend.

Where did we go wrong? How could this fiasco have been prevented?

The answer is camp.

Yep, you heard me.

Those three little angels were desperately trying to adhere themselves to your skin through corn syrup because they had nothing better to do. They were bored. And what’s worse, they were bored in an unfamiliar environment.

But what does just about every kid like? What is it that kids have been doing since the dawn of time, that makes them more tired and happy and fun to be around than any other activity? What keeps the kids out of their parents’ and uncles’ and grandparents’ arm hair?


Kids of all ages feel at home in a camp setting. They can be themselves, and their parents can let that happen because it’s not an environment that has to be protected from children. Then a funny transformation takes place: the parents start to relax. They were kids once too. They like to breathe in the fresh air. They enjoy a walk in the woods or a story by the campfire.  Sharing cabins is a bonding experience that can’t be recreated in a sterile hotel environment.  Before you know it, kids and adults alike are taking it easy, enjoying each other and the space they have to be themselves without worry.

Camp Paivika is the ideal rental venue for your family reunion. Located in the San Bernardino mountains, it holds the honor of being a Los Angeles accessible venue, without being a “Los Angeles” venue. No traffic jams and overpriced food to put a strain on family budgets. Camp Paivika has it all in one place: great food, comfortable accommodations, spacious and inviting gathering places, endless activities and the friendliest staff you’ll find.  They even offer high-speed internet for those of us who want a more modern camping experience, or just need to stay in touch.  Camp Paivika is the most versatile rental venue around, and can make your reunion a relaxing and enjoyable experience for every member of your family. The facility is also fully accessible to wheelchair users and others with special needs, so everyone can participate.

To see pictures of this amazing rental location, learn more about camp rental, or to reserve Camp Paivika for your next event, visit our Rentals page. If you have any questions or would just prefer to make your arrangements with a live person, our friendly staff is available! Just contact Camp Paivika Director Kelly Kunsek via email, or by phone at (909) 338-1102, ext. 5001.

We look forward to seeing you here! Bring the kids.

AbilityFirst Camp Paivika