Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day three begins at Camp Paivika with a breakfast of eggs mixed with diced ham and mushrooms, with an English muffin. The daily activities begin with horse rides and candle making, sports games and of course the ever popular swimming in the pool. Fast forward to the camp dance. Before hand, all of the guys and gals dressed up to look their best and as the music played on, everyone danced into the night. The sports court was buzzing with energy as the cupid shuffle played along with other party favorites. The dance ended with the famous Cha Cha Slide and then taps.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 2 begins at camp with a breakfast of fresh blueberry pancakes and juice. Next up the daily activities begin. Today we offered archery, horse riding, bath mitt making, swimming, songwriting, and a nature hike. Later, in the evening we played life sized board games featuring Checkers, Chutes and Ladders, and Candyland. Each camper played the part of one of the game pieces. After three rotations of 20 minutes each, all campers were able to be a part of all three games. The night ended with taps and

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Session 5 of the 2014 season at Camp Paivika is now underway. The day started with a nice semi-warm day with lots of spotty cloud coverage. As our campers arrived, our staff greeted each one and helped with bags and introductions. After rest period, we had our camp fire drill, and then jumped right into taking the camp photo. Activity 4 then began and our guests got a taste of our activities that we have planned. At night, we had our opening campfire where everyone was introduced, and we entertained with songs and skits. The day ended with taps and everyone went off to bed, excited to be starting the next day.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Once again, Camp Paivika had a wonderful day. We started the day with eggs, bacon and toast. Then we moved on to our normal day of activities consisting of a sports trivia race in sports and rec, acting and skit play in performing arts, piggy mask making in arts and crafts, mini horse grooming and lassoing in nature, and the daily all camp swim in the pool. We ended the day with a mixture of the Price Is Right and Mine Craft, in which the campers played games to win fort pieces, and then had to build a fort that not only had to be big enough to fit at least three of their cabin mates, but also had to hold up to an attack by the program staff with pool noodles. As the sun set, the day ended successfully as per the norm up here at the happiest place in the San Bernardino mountains. We would also like to once again extend our thanks to the LA5 Rotary Club Of Los Angeles and to all of our volunteers. We would not be able to do this without your help and hard work.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 3 begins with another beautiful dawn. Our young paivikians wake up to a delicious breakfast of pancakes and syrup. The daily activities include horse rides in our horse program, a game of reverse capture the flag in sports and rec, ceramic painting in arts and crafts, a bug hunt in nature, and skits and acting in our performing arts program. In the afternoon, we had our daily all camp swim in the beautiful new pool. Later that night we had our talent show. Our campers were able to show off their talent in singing, dancing, acting and karate skills. This week, we would like to make special mention of our LA5 Rotary Club Of  Los Angeles. They have worked hard to make gracious donations and have helped out Camp Paivika in many ways. This week is also Mega-Volunteer week. We would like to thank The LA5 Rotary Club and all of our volunteers this session. You are all a welcomed part of the greater Paivikian family.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today at Camp Paivika was full of fun activities. In arts and crafts we once again were visited by master ceramicists Chuck and Neil. Our horses were busy providing rides. In Sports and Rec we had obstacle course races. In Performing Arts, our stage was full of costumed characters performing skits. Nature oversaw the nature walk, where campers explored different areas of camp and collected specimens for show and tell. Our pool was again host to an all camp swim, where our young Paivikians cooled off in the summer sun. The day ended with the session dance where everyone danced the night away until it was time for bed.
Day 1 of session 4 begins with a lot of smiling faces. Some new and some returning. After check in and bag decorating, we had a lunch of pastrami sandwiches surrounding by crispy onion rings. After rest period, our session fire drill commenced. A short time later, we had our first all camp swim of the session. As usual, our young Paivikians enjoyed our new pool. The day ended with opening campfire consisting of camp skits and songs. Today was an excellent day!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today at camp, we had our campers choice activity.  They had a choice between swimming, Yoga, archery, songwriting and terrariums. Our paivikains had a great time. Later in the evening, campers had a choice between a night swim, soccer, and karaoke. Session nine is soon coming to an end, having only one more day left. This page is a reflection of different occasions throughout the session.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Yesterday, our Paivika Olympic Games kicked off. We started night 6 with a relay race, in which campers had to race carrying an Olympic wand to a partner who then had to take the wand and finish the race. On the sports court, our ball toss began. Campers had to toss a ball into the field of play where they scored a certain amount of points. Over by the health care center, we had the hula hoop challenge. Contestants had to fit their entire team inside of a hula hoop before the opposing team. Over on the upper lawn, our obstacle course provided plenty of fun for our paivikans. The object was to run carrying a big plastic egg balanced on a wooden spoon. Then crawl through a tunnel, hula hoop five times, and hit a ball into a net with a hockey stick. Day 7 continues with two rounds of human pinball, where contestants must hit a ball into a goal by getting past the bumpers played by staff. We also have giant sized rock, paper, scissors. In this game, contestants from each team must run to the center of the circle, and with their whole body pick either rock, paper or scissors. And lastly, we have Battle ball. Here, contestants all gather in a very large circle, and are randomly tossed a special ball. They will then toss the ball back to the host in the center of the circle. On the ball are markings that give out orders. Whatever the order says, is what everyone or a selected individuals must do. Our games conclude tonight. By the end of the day, all of our campers will become camp Olympians.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camp Paivika has yet another great day. We began the day with a breakfast of chicken fried steak, gravy and biscuits. Our daily activities then commenced. The pool was the perfect temperature. Muretta our camp horse was at the dock offering gentle rides through the forest. On the sports court, there was an intense game of street hockey in sports and rec. In arts and crafts our budding artists were busy creating master pieces. Nature was busy with a nature hike around camp. In fine arts, they were donning costumes and performing skits. Lunch was a delicious meal of baked potatoes with all of the toppings, and chilli. Dinner however was very special. It was Dominoes pizza night. The dining hall was filled with cheers and happy campers. Afterward, our talent show commenced. Our performers rocked on stage and made the whole camp get up, dance and sing along. Our campers went off to bed excited and tired.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today at Camp Paivika, there was a lot of excitement. We began the day with our trip to Lake Gregory. Our Paivikians beat the summer heat with a nice cool dip in the lake. We rented paddle boards, and water cycles and had a blast. Midway through the day, we stopped for a lunch break consisting of fresh fruit, granola and some chicken wraps. After we returned to camp, our campers became excited by the thought of the evening program...the session dance! The music began, the Paivikians showed up to the sports court dressed to dance the night away. By the end of the night, everyone was happy and tired.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Today was a very exciting day here at Camp Paivika. We started our day with our honored friends and guests Chuck and Neil. They taught the campers how to make some very cool ceramics. Our campers created some master art works. Later that night, we had a blast playing the game show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. Laughs and cheers were shared as it was boys vs girls, the girls scoring the big win. Afterward, everyone enjoyed our outdoor movie presentation of Despicable Me 2. As the movie ended, the lights went out and they fell asleep out under the stars on the upper lawn. Another great day here at Paivika.

Tonight was casino night at Camp Paivika. Our bingo area was crowded because it is one of the most popular areas during casino night. However, the Blackjack and Craps tables were also crowded. Our Roulette wheel only had a few players but the seats were always full. The sounds of cheers from the wins could be heard from outside. The music played gently in the background, and the atmosphere was one of continuous fun. The prizes were flowing like water and when the night came to an end, everyone was ready for bed. As the crowd was leaving, it was very apparent that we had a camp full of happy campers.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

As Camp Paivika's third session begins, the clouds roll in just in time to offer some relief from the burning sun. Campers arrived to cheers from our staff, welcoming them to their home for nine days. During the fire drill, everyone payed close attention to Kelly as she explained what to do in the event of an emergency. Later for dinner everyone enjoyed a delicious meal consisting of ribs and potato salad with a corn cob on the side. That night for evening program we had our opening campfire in which all of our campers were introduced. Afterward, they were all entertained by our staff performing skits and songs including the original Camp Paivika song from way back when camp was first founded. As the sun set over the horizon, everyone happily went to be tired and eager to start the next day.